iSensing is a UK company formed to give transport planners unlimited and instant access to transport analytics  for Road, Rail, Metro and bus journeys. 

Our cities are going through another cycle of urbanisation. Population increases, changing modes of transport, climate and congestion considerations mean we have to make decisions quicker while still being confident in the analysis. 

Making sense of transport usage to support decision making on capacity, safety or revenue assurance is central to what we do – we help cities plan the future of transportation.

iSensing securely measures transport usage in the cloud which means there is no hardware, no more pneumatic tubes, sensors or manual counting.

You chose the locations and build out your survey and we bring in verified data from third party sources to create beautiful analytics and deliver it in a digestible package at the end of a survey measurement period. 

Our goal is to make Transport Planners more nimble by giving the data they need, inexpensively and immediately. Every project analysis is smarter with data. You shouldn’t have to pick and choose which projects warrant that luxury. 

The Movement Analytics Platform (MAP) is cloud-based software designed for Transport Planners. 

Transport Planners have immediate access to custom data any time they choose. 

The MAP comes pre-populated with roads, bus, train and metro assets to speed the process along. By selecting simple parameters such as dates, times, frequency, and data source, the Transport Planner has access to custom data in moments, not months.  

Collect counts, trends, and graphic visualizations to inform every report you conduct.

MAP can also handle more complex needs by linking to your existing CCTV grid and utilizing AI to provide data counts for any subject matter you require.